Time to De-Clutter? A Testimonial of How Key Associates Can Help!

Organizing and decluttering our homes can make the biggest difference in not only the way the home looks, but in the way we feel when we are there.  Piles of “stuff” can be distracting as well as unattractive.

It is often difficult to organize our belongings and just getting started can be overwhelming.  If you’ve attempted to organize your home only to become confused, frustrated and bogged down, perhaps it’s time to call in a specialist to get you started – – or perhaps assist with the whole project.  Their training and experience can help ease the process for you.  While costs for professional organizing can vary, hiring a well-vetted company or individual for your organizing needs can be a hugely satisfying and worthwhile investment that can transform your home and how you feel in it and about it.

Here is a well-expressed testimonial from some very happy clients, with photos of the transformation of their home.  This home, along with 6 others in the neighborhood, was on the market during the worst possible time of the recent recession.   After an extensive decluttering/organizing and some re-decorating and staging, it outshined the competition and sold very quickly.

We believe that without Key Associates (& Lue Kirchner’s) expertise, we never would have been able to declutter our home and feel good about doing so. Her company took on an unbelievable task with us, and more than fulfilled their contract. She has given us a new confidence in the important things in our lives and with our properly packaged items ready for a move, we may now show a wonderfully clutter-free home to prospective buyers and at the same time enjoy the results while we are here.

Mr. and Mrs. B
Etowah, NC

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