It’s Spring! Time for a New Look!

At Key Associates, we welcome each new season.  But spring is special to us for many reasons.  We will be exploring many wonderful things about spring for the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

iStock_000002147720SmallWhat do most people think of when you mention “spring”?  Flowers and gardens, no doubt.  A wonderful way to welcome spring into your home is to decorate with flowers and plants, inside and out.

Studies have shown that there are many benefits of plants in your environment.  In the workplace, the presence of houseplants reduced fatigue by 30%.  Cough decreased by 37% and dry throat by 25%.

There are also psychological benefits to having houseplants – there is measurable reduction in stress, increased ability to re-focus attention, improved performance on cognitive tasks, mental restoration and reduced mental fatigue.
See Violets

Beautiful green ivy in pot

From a decorating standpoint, flower arrangements, floral fabrics, pictures, fresh springtime colors on walls and accessories can bring a breath of fresh spring air to your home.

See what spring colors and flowers added to this room:



This year, the Pantone color of the year is a fresh springtime orchid.  Try a bit of this popular “new” color and see how your room can come alive.


For more ideas on how to freshen your home, watch for our upcoming blog posts or contact Key Associates.  An in-home consultation could be just what the Dr. ordered to put a “spring” in your step and a fresh new look in your home!

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