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Contributed by:  Lue Kirchner, Lead Designer

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Just as we dress differently during different times of the year, so to can we outfit our homes to suit the seasons and weather changes.  I’m a firm believer in adapting my home’s spaces to accommodate the summer and winter months.  In the summer, I like to feel free – – to have things open, airy and light.  But, in the winter, I want cozy and warm.  I want to layer up and cuddle up.

Not long ago, when redecorating a guest bedroom, I decided to keep the ivory matelassé coverlets I have had and liked for many years and to have new bedskirts and pillow shams made up.  I chose a wonderful, thickly-woven muted blue/green fabric with lots of texture and body for the bedskirts and had it gathered and lined (a must for a truly quality look).  When making up twin beds, I always like to start with one king pillow per bed, so a set of king-sized shams were done up in a matching but washable fabric with a bit of a sheen.  This made up the year-round basis for the bedding.

Then, to accessorize for the warmer months, queen sized pillows were covered with a soft linen toile of muted blues, greens and browns on ivory with a coordinating brush fringe.  The look and feel is light and refined, yet relaxed.  The linen toile just seems to have this “I’ve been loved, well-worn and washed-many-times” kind of look that reminds me of childhood at my family’s cottage.

For the cool winter months, I purchased double-boudoir sized pillows from Pine Cone Alley in a rich brown velvet with crewel-work stitching in blue/green colors that work well with the bedskirts/shams.  The deeper color and rich, luxurious feel and look of these pillows transforms the guest room for the winter months.

In addition to the bedding, the window treatments in this room were layered to adapt to the seasons.  In the summer months the simple match-stick blinds can be left up behind the curtains for an open, airy look and feel.  In the winter, the blinds are adjusted downward and the wood color of the blinds and the deeper colors and textures in the velvet pillows change the room into a warm and cozy retreat.

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For the Summer Months

The photos shown here are examples of winter and summer bedding we recently did for a client in Black Mountain.  We were charged with keeping the bedding simple (no “collection” of pillows) and the colors light year round.  We started with a high-end off-white matelassé coverlet & shams.  They, along with a dusty blue bed skirt were the basis of the bedding.

For the Winter Months

For the Winter Months

For summer we added one long ruffled pillow in a wonderful Asian-inspired linen toile.  For the cooler months, the shams are changed out and a double boudoir-sized pillow matching the bed skirt is added for a slightly warmer, cozier look.

Simple tricks like changing the light bulbs to “warm” light, bringing out the books and a candle or two and adding a warm throw or darker throw pillows to a sofa can be all that’s needed to accessorize your home for the cooler fall and winter months.

Conversely, as we face the summer months, it’s time to bring out the lighter and brighter colors, cut back on the layering and throw back the curtains.  If you’re like me, seasonal decorating not only makes you feel more comfortable, it provides just enough change to keep from getting too easily bored with the look of your home.

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