Which House Would You Buy?

Of course, the photos that follow are of the same house. But consider the difference a little expert help made in the appearance of this home! Here’s the story:

Working with the adult children of an elderly widower residing in an assisted living community, Key Associates was asked to divest the personal property and furnishings remaining in their father’s home and then get the house ready for sale. Keeping the furnishings was not an option in this case.

After a tag sale was held and the furnishings were cleared out, Key Associates got busy scheduling needed repairs, updating some lighting and hardware, hiring a painting contractor and selecting just the right paint colors. Some worn and dated carpeting was replaced and then came the cleaning crew and a very thorough cleaning. The front door was given a fresh coat of paint and the landscaping was cleaned up with an emphasis on curb appeal. The house was then ready for sale.

In this case, everything looked so clean and fresh, very little “staging” was needed. A very few key pieces of furniture and furnishings made the home feel welcoming and ready for new owners.

See the results and ask yourself, “Which house would I buy?”

Great Room Before

Great Room – Before Key Associates

Great Room after

Great Room – After Key Associates

Dining Room Before

Dining Room – Before Key Associates

Dining Room After

Dining Room – After Key Associates

Bedroom Before

Bedroom – Before Key Associates

Bedroom After

Bedroom – After Key Associates


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