What do you do if your clients don’t like their granite pass through?

Key Associates solved the problem of the "cold" stone pass-through.

You cap it! Or, in our case, we call the cabinetmaker and ask him to fabricate a rich and warm wood countertop.

Our clients told us they felt the granite pass through in their newly-purchased apartment felt cold and sterile. They had discussed having it pulled out and replaced with a wooden countertop – – not a bad idea, but what a mess! We suggested saving the added cost and mess of the tear out by simply “capping” the granite with a wood counter that fit their requirements and worked with the finishes in the adjoining rooms.

All credit goes to cabinetmaker extraor-dinaire Steve Huter, of Giving Tree Cabinets, http://givingtreecabinets.com, who was already involved in other projects in the home. Steve worked with us to make our concept fly so beautifully. Installation went seamlessly and the “cap” fits perfectly, is totally sturdy and looks amazing. And, best of all, our clients loved it.

It really does make this little space warmer and more inviting!

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