Cosmetic Upgrade on a Budget!

We all like the idea of upgrading!  Everywhere we look, upgrade your app’s, phone, vacation package, it goes on and on.  We are always invited to upgrade something, of course for a small fee and a simple “yes”.  But when it comes to our homes the task of upgrading can seem daunting or overwhelming.  Especially if you are not skilled in carpentry or your time and budget are limited.  Here is a look at a “cosmetic upgrade” Key Associates managed on a budget.

blk-mtn-kit-b-afterWe met with the clients and they shared their desire for a more updated look but they were not interested in the muss and fuss of scraping the popcorn ceilings.  Nor did they want to replace the cabinets or appliances.  The cabinets were in great shape and much of their outdated look came from the out-of-date hardware, the laminate countertops and the surrounding wall coverings.  The appliances were quite new and in good working order so we happily agreed to work around them.    

blk-mtn-kit-a-beforeFirst things first….out with the old!  Removing the wallpaper and picking light neutral colors brought an open and clean warmth to this large room.  The old tiles were small with very wide and dark grout lines.  Putting in a softer tone and a larger square tile with minimal matching grout lines aided in creating the light and airy openness desired.  Replacing the countertops with granite and butcher block added a pop yet still blended with the natural pallet we were creating.  A good wood cleaner/restorer was used on the cabinetry and new, clean-lined hardware was added for a seamless tie in to this cosmetic facelift.  

blk-mtn-kit-a-afterFinal touches included the natural and decorative tile backsplash, new lighting fixtures, and the white open shelving for displaying new and old white serving and accent pieces.

This once outdated kitchen was transformed on a budget into a beautiful and serene space for friends and family to gather.

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