The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

My name is Dawn and I am the Marketing Coordinator for Key Associates.

I have recently moved back home after 8 years of living on the Western side of our country. Home being Western North Carolina, a beautiful state filled with amazing mountains, southern hospitality, creative people, and an eclectic blend of different cultures. Coming home was right for our family and being home is good for the soul. But all transitions of this nature take adjusting and maneuvering all sorts of emotions. We left our two older children back in California to finish out college and enrolled our two teenagers into a brand new high school. Wowza!! The girls are settling in and having Papa and Grandma so close is a total win-win, of course. Which leads me into why I am writing this Blog.


Our Family

It will be our first Christmas with five in the house, not seven. Old traditions will need to be laid to rest and new traditions must be established! Navigating my own Mother and how to honor her and my Father on special days that use to be just “us” are on the horizon.

So I have chosen a few core goals for myself to keep this time of year, the most wonderful, and I wanted to share these with you. I know I am not the only one who is facing a “not so normal” or “not the same as before” holiday season. Whether someone you love has passed, you have moved or you are facing financial strain, how we chose to position our hearts and minds this season can make the world of difference. So here we go!!

  1. Laugh a lot. Laughter bonds people and has so many health benefits.
  2. Do not try to pack 10lbs of flour into a 5lb sack. The holidays can easily lose their meaning when we do this. People come first, not productions.
  3. Enjoy my family. Spend my time with them, more important than spending money on them.
  4. My home, my time, my children, my love.
  5. Be kind. To all the people that cross my path.
  6. Singing is like laughter so good for our heart and helps us bond (can also make others laugh just by hearing us J).

Hope my goals lend encouragement to you and may this be The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for you and your family.

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