Jackson & Hartley Designs

One of the many services we offer at Key Associates is Interior Design, which encompasses custom draperies, bedding and linens. We are very fortunate to work with some amazing people like Gerald Jackson and Doug Hartley at Jackson & Hartley Designs in Greenville, SC.

Excellence, integrity and class are just a few words to describe these men who we consider to be our friends. They are the creators of our window, drapery and bedding visions. Through their artful craftsmanship we have the ability to turn an ordinary window into a work of art and craft luxury, often out of the unconventional. Attention to detail ensures that each project they work on is truly one of a kind.

Whatever challenge we bring to the table their skilled eyes and light-hearted attitude will be applied and carried through completion of any project. Working and creating with these talented men, our friends, is a joy.

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