A Lifelong Dance of Transition

Home is so important to us. It is a place where we can kick off our shoes, get comfortable, be surrounded by familiar things, and just feel safe. Some of us have spent decades living in one home and the thought of moving seems too much to tackle. Almost like losing a very close friend or family member.

Over the years we enter into a dance with our homes. You keep me safe and warm…cha cha cha….I will take care of the maintenance…cha cha cha. As we age the tune and dance steps change a little, but no need to stop the dance altogether. By changing up some areas in your home the music can keep playing and your home can keep being that safe place it is meant to be.

Here are just a few new steps for example:

  • If balance has become an issue remove loose area rugs from walking paths. And, remove any rugs that have been placed on top of carpeting.
  • Be sure to have and maintain good railings on all stairways.
  • Attach grab bars where needed, especially in bathrooms to aid getting in and out of your tub/shower (or up and down from the commode).
  • Light up hallways at night and keep a bathroom night light on.
  • Use non-slip treads or mat in your bathtub.
  • If and when needed, arrange for a trustworthy and well-vetted person or service to regularly help out with chores.


When we are proactive any transition in life can be less upsetting. Take a step back and see which dance is appropriate for you now and make the necessary adjustments. With a few tweaks here and there, staying safe at home can be doable for all stages of life.

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