Notable Quotations

Key-Woodlands-7221“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
William Morris 

“The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.” Mother Teresa

Key-Woodlands--7663 (1)“Anyone who has ever cleaned out a closet and taken stuff to Goodwill knows how liberating it is. You feel lighter, your mind feels clearer.”
Cecile Andrews (author and sustainability proponent)

IMG_7413252“Give me the discipline to get rid of the stuff that’s not important, the freedom to savor the stuff that gives me joy, and the patience not to worry about the stuff that’s messy but not hurting anybody.”
Vinita Hampton Wright, Simple Acts of Moving Forward: A Little Book About Getting Unstuck

Mtn-Retreat-016“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.”
Albert Hadley 

Would you like to wake up to a serene and spa-like look in your bathroom?

It may be as simple weekend project!




Here’s an example of a simple, low-budget makeover our team did in Etowah, NC.  It was just a matter of clearing out the excess – – products and accessories, removing the dated wallpaper, replacing the cabinet doors and painting.







Bright white towels and judicious accessorizing finished the look off and help to keep the room tranquil and clean looking.  Could a little makeover give you a better start in the mornings?

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Have you visited the Key Associates Showroom yet?  If not, you’re missing a treat!  We have furnishings and home décor accessories that you will love.

700mapWe’re located in the MarketPlace on Locust, a huge (8,000 sq. ft.) resource for home furnishings, both new and “gently used”. You’ll find designer furnishings and accessories from Key Associates and Cottage Corner, shabby chic items from Finders Keepers and new and antique goods and consignment pieces from many other vendors.  Visit their website here: or check out all the photos on Facebook at

And, while you’re in Hendersonville, be sure to check out the great restaurants, galleries and shopping!  It’s a great place to spend the day!  Historic Downtown Hendersonville is filled with traditional “Southern Hometown Charm”.  Discover Historic Hendersonville!

Here are a few recent photos from our showroom . . .

Showroom-Pix-4-04-15-14 Showroom-Pix-2-04-15-14
Showroom-Pix-3-04-15-14 Showroom-Pix-1-04-15-14



Seasonal Decor

Contributed by:  Lue Kirchner, Lead Designer

Key Associates

Just as we dress differently during different times of the year, so to can we outfit our homes to suit the seasons and weather changes.  I’m a firm believer in adapting my home’s spaces to accommodate the summer and winter months.  In the summer, I like to feel free – – to have things open, airy and light.  But, in the winter, I want cozy and warm.  I want to layer up and cuddle up.

Not long ago, when redecorating a guest bedroom, I decided to keep the ivory matelassé coverlets I have had and liked for many years and to have new bedskirts and pillow shams made up.  I chose a wonderful, thickly-woven muted blue/green fabric with lots of texture and body for the bedskirts and had it gathered and lined (a must for a truly quality look).  When making up twin beds, I always like to start with one king pillow per bed, so a set of king-sized shams were done up in a matching but washable fabric with a bit of a sheen.  This made up the year-round basis for the bedding.

Then, to accessorize for the warmer months, queen sized pillows were covered with a soft linen toile of muted blues, greens and browns on ivory with a coordinating brush fringe.  The look and feel is light and refined, yet relaxed.  The linen toile just seems to have this “I’ve been loved, well-worn and washed-many-times” kind of look that reminds me of childhood at my family’s cottage.

For the cool winter months, I purchased double-boudoir sized pillows from Pine Cone Alley in a rich brown velvet with crewel-work stitching in blue/green colors that work well with the bedskirts/shams.  The deeper color and rich, luxurious feel and look of these pillows transforms the guest room for the winter months.

In addition to the bedding, the window treatments in this room were layered to adapt to the seasons.  In the summer months the simple match-stick blinds can be left up behind the curtains for an open, airy look and feel.  In the winter, the blinds are adjusted downward and the wood color of the blinds and the deeper colors and textures in the velvet pillows change the room into a warm and cozy retreat.

Key Associates-BlkMtn17

For the Summer Months

The photos shown here are examples of winter and summer bedding we recently did for a client in Black Mountain.  We were charged with keeping the bedding simple (no “collection” of pillows) and the colors light year round.  We started with a high-end off-white matelassé coverlet & shams.  They, along with a dusty blue bed skirt were the basis of the bedding.

For the Winter Months

For the Winter Months

For summer we added one long ruffled pillow in a wonderful Asian-inspired linen toile.  For the cooler months, the shams are changed out and a double boudoir-sized pillow matching the bed skirt is added for a slightly warmer, cozier look.

Simple tricks like changing the light bulbs to “warm” light, bringing out the books and a candle or two and adding a warm throw or darker throw pillows to a sofa can be all that’s needed to accessorize your home for the cooler fall and winter months.

Conversely, as we face the summer months, it’s time to bring out the lighter and brighter colors, cut back on the layering and throw back the curtains.  If you’re like me, seasonal decorating not only makes you feel more comfortable, it provides just enough change to keep from getting too easily bored with the look of your home.

We encourage participation by our readers.  Share your comments and/or send your ideas and photos to

It’s Spring! Time for a New Look!

At Key Associates, we welcome each new season.  But spring is special to us for many reasons.  We will be exploring many wonderful things about spring for the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

iStock_000002147720SmallWhat do most people think of when you mention “spring”?  Flowers and gardens, no doubt.  A wonderful way to welcome spring into your home is to decorate with flowers and plants, inside and out.

Studies have shown that there are many benefits of plants in your environment.  In the workplace, the presence of houseplants reduced fatigue by 30%.  Cough decreased by 37% and dry throat by 25%.

There are also psychological benefits to having houseplants – there is measurable reduction in stress, increased ability to re-focus attention, improved performance on cognitive tasks, mental restoration and reduced mental fatigue.
See Violets

Beautiful green ivy in pot

From a decorating standpoint, flower arrangements, floral fabrics, pictures, fresh springtime colors on walls and accessories can bring a breath of fresh spring air to your home.

See what spring colors and flowers added to this room:



This year, the Pantone color of the year is a fresh springtime orchid.  Try a bit of this popular “new” color and see how your room can come alive.


For more ideas on how to freshen your home, watch for our upcoming blog posts or contact Key Associates.  An in-home consultation could be just what the Dr. ordered to put a “spring” in your step and a fresh new look in your home!

Why Choose a NASMM Senior Move Manager?

NASMM-Logo_MEMBER[1] (2)-1As a visitor to our website, you may have noticed this logo.  It’s for an organization we are proud to hold membership and participate in to better serve our move management clients.

Let’s get to know the National Association of Senior Move Managers!

To begin, here is the Mission of the NASMM:

Our mission is to facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults, to increase industry awareness, to establish a national referral network, to enhance the professional competence of members, and to promote the delivery of our services with compassion and integrity.

Elderly Caucasian woman in bedroom.NASMM leads the industry in setting ethical standards for senior move managers. Prior to becoming full members, all NASMM members must take their Cornerstone Course in Senior Move Management Ethics and Accountability. Additionally, NASMM members abide by the NASMM Code of Ethics and enjoy the support and guidance of the NASMM Ethics Review Panel.

This is their Code of Ethics: (Click here to read the pdf file)

Key Associates, as a member of NASMM, is your source for Senior Move Management assistance.  Whether you are a senior facing the need to downsize, the family of a senior, or a professional such as trust officer, attorney, social service provider, physician or realtor, you can trust Key Associates to provide services of the highest caliber.

Like this couple did, contact the team at Key Associates for the best possible transition.

We recently moved to  . . .  a continuing care facility. Following a  . . .  recommendation we entrusted the entire move to “key associates”. It proved to be an excellent decision. When we returned from vacation, we found our new apartment completely furnished, with chandelier and pictures hung, and the closets and kitchen and their content neatly arranged. Lue Kirchner and her team had done all the work better than we ever could have. The cost was reasonable and the invoice meticulously detailed. We could not have asked for better service. 

For more information about The National Association of Senior Move Managers and its members or to find a move manager in your area, visit the NASMM website linked here.

Time to De-Clutter? A Testimonial of How Key Associates Can Help!

Organizing and decluttering our homes can make the biggest difference in not only the way the home looks, but in the way we feel when we are there.  Piles of “stuff” can be distracting as well as unattractive.

It is often difficult to organize our belongings and just getting started can be overwhelming.  If you’ve attempted to organize your home only to become confused, frustrated and bogged down, perhaps it’s time to call in a specialist to get you started – – or perhaps assist with the whole project.  Their training and experience can help ease the process for you.  While costs for professional organizing can vary, hiring a well-vetted company or individual for your organizing needs can be a hugely satisfying and worthwhile investment that can transform your home and how you feel in it and about it.

Here is a well-expressed testimonial from some very happy clients, with photos of the transformation of their home.  This home, along with 6 others in the neighborhood, was on the market during the worst possible time of the recent recession.   After an extensive decluttering/organizing and some re-decorating and staging, it outshined the competition and sold very quickly.

We believe that without Key Associates (& Lue Kirchner’s) expertise, we never would have been able to declutter our home and feel good about doing so. Her company took on an unbelievable task with us, and more than fulfilled their contract. She has given us a new confidence in the important things in our lives and with our properly packaged items ready for a move, we may now show a wonderfully clutter-free home to prospective buyers and at the same time enjoy the results while we are here.

Mr. and Mrs. B
Etowah, NC

A Fresh New Look for a Fresh New Start to the New Year!

The New Year is a wonderful time to make a fresh start in many ways. We often make resolutions regarding our health, our work, our relationships – lose weight – quit smoking – get a better job – volunteer to help others more – and so on. Maybe this year is the year to improve your surroundings – could your home use a makeover?

A fresh new look for your home can often uplift spirits and bring about a fresh new attitude. This is especially true during the cold, dark winter months. Why not give your home a little lift and start the New Year out in a positive way. And, the good news is, achieving a fresh, new look can often be done with minimal effort and little or no budget. Simply by changing colors – – whether it be through wall color or just by adding (or changing out) some colorful accessories, accent pillows or a cozy throw – – you can make a world of difference in your surroundings and your outlook.

In the before and after photos featured below, see how Key Associates’ staging and design team created dramatic results for clients on close budgets. Take a lead from these photos and add your personality to create your own new look, keeping in mind that less is more and a fresh, updated look is created with clean lines and uncluttered spaces. “Clutter has a tendency to drag us down and invade our sense of peace and order,” says Key Associates’ lead designer Lue Kirchner.

Key Associates provides a wide range of interior design, decorating and staging services for projects of all budgets.