“Bill’s” Story: How Key Associates Serves Trust Professionals, Attorneys and Their Clients

Disabled Senior Man Sitting In WheelchairThe staff at Key Associates work closely with elder-law and special-needs trust attorneys and administrators by providing liaison services for their aging and special needs clients. We coordinate the services that meet the unique needs of their clients.

As an example, in one extreme case, ”Bill,” (real name substituted) an adult with special needs, became the new client of trust professionals who manage his assets and oversee his living arrangements.  Over time, because of the nature of Bill’s condition, his home had become severely neglected and was in need of major repairs.  Bill’s trust attorney called on Key Associates to oversee the repair and maintenance of Bill’s home.

Key Associates met with Bill and the trust professionals and then arranged for a home inspection by a licensed and experienced home inspector.  Issues found included safety concerns, plumbing and updating of mechanical systems and the need for structural reinforcements and new roofing.  In addition, the yard was overgrown, many cosmetic repairs were needed and a degree of hoarding was involved.

With the inspection report in hand, Key Associates prioritized the list of needs and set to work obtaining quotes and hiring and scheduling professionals to take care of each task on the list.  They called on their extensive list of experienced, vetted, and insured professionals, proven to be reliable and trustworthy.  Until all needed work was concluded, Key Associates was on task coordinating contractors and checking to insure the satisfactory completion of the repairs.

Once the inspection items had been addressed, Key Associates set out to take care of cosmetic needs.  Working closely with Bill, selections were made relative to paint colors, furnishings and landscaping.  Staff members worked with Bill to help alleviate hoarding issues and Bill now lives in a safe, attractive environment. His home reflects his tastes and individual requirements and Key Associates continues to monitor needs and oversee maintenance.

Fees being what they are, by calling on Key Associates to handle these issues, the trust administrators were able to concentrate on managing the trust while realizing major savings for Bill.

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Transition Happening During the Holidays?

Key Associates Move Management ServicesKey Associates’ specialized Move Management services, facilitate well-organized, cost-effective moves that reduce stress and ease transitions.

Is your loved one planning a move to a smaller residence or an assisted living community during the holiday season?

A move like this is stressful enough, but if it comes during the holiday season, it can be especially difficult.  Packing, deciding what to keep and what to part with, working with moving companies then setting up the new home, with all the emotional nuances of the holiday season, may seem like an impossible chore.

Hiring a company like Key Associates to assist with the move may be the kindest gift you can give your elder.  A Move Management company can take the stress out of the logistics of packing, planning and distribution of items no longer needed.  They will be there on moving day to supervise then unpack efficiently, handling the stress for you.  All the empty boxes and packing materials will be removed and they will see that the new home is all set up and ready for your elder!  They also follow up to ensure the home is just right.

If you have a loved one who is moving during the holidays, contact Key Associates or another reputable move management company in your area.  You will be glad you did!  NASMM.org is a great site for finding qualified and vetted move managers.

Staging Your Home for the Holidays


Is your home on the market during the holiday season?  Let Key Associates help you stage it for maximum appeal with seasonal touches that will make your home stand out!

Here are some things to remember if you are celebrating the holidays in your home for sale.

“Less-is-more” is a good idea when planning your decorations.  Keep it simple and tasteful.  Potential buyers should see the home staged beautifully rather than your collection of family memorabilia.  Too many decorations can distract from the beauty of your home.  Fewer tasteful touches can enhance it.  Make sure that your decorations blend in with the room’s decor, keeping colors and styles coordinated.

Even though the holiday may have deep spiritual significance to you, it would be best not to play up the religious aspect, which your buyers may not appreciate. Instead use neutral, timeless seasonal touches such as candles and greenery.  Give the buyers plenty of opportunity to see themselves spending the holidays their way in the home.

Create a warm holiday atmosphere in your home by offering your guests spiced cider fragrantly simmering on the stove, and a plate of warm cookies.  This will also encourage them to linger a while longer as they enjoy a sweet treat admiring your beautiful home.

Have a fireplace?  Be sure to light it for the showing.  Make the home cozy with touches like winter-scented candles, soft lighting, and perhaps a festive blanket draped over a chair for a reading corner.

Look at your home through a buyer’s eyes this year.  The holiday season is a great time to make a buyer feel welcome as they consider making your home their own.  Let the team at Key Associates help you with staging your home for the holidays.  Call today!

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The Best Holiday Gift of All – Your Time

iStock_000015105883XSmallAt Key Associates, we provide non-medical support to maintain home, yard, household and daily life, so older adults and those with special needs can stay in place and live comfortably in the homes they love.  Over the years, we’ve learned that even though our clients are valuable members of their communities, they often feel neglected, isolated or just plain lonesome during the holidays.

It’s important to have compassion for neighbors and family who are alone for the holidays.  Bring them a treat – something they probably would not prepare for themselves, a sweet treat perhaps,– one that would be acceptable if they’re on a special diet.  Or perhaps the gift of music or an appropriate book.

The gift of your time would be the most appreciated.  Take time out for a friendly visit (bring some special tea or coffee with you).  Or maybe take them on an errand they must complete, but include a visit to a favorite store or museum or picnic spot.  Perhaps they would like to attend a holiday concert with you.  Including children in brief visits can be meaningful for all.

During the holidays many of us get so busy with our own lives and families that our neighbors in need become invisible to us.  The holidays can be especially sad for those who have lost loved ones and find themselves alone with their memories.  Take the time to give a bit of yourself,  you will be surprised what a wonderful gift it will be – for you!

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Beware of Scams — Especially During the Holidays

111313-iStock_000001976800Seniors and those with special needs are particularly vulnerable to frauds and scams.  Identity theft, investment fraud, door-to-door contractors, phone solicitation sweepstakes, and useless insurance policy scams are among the dangers they may be confronted with.

If you are a caregiver or family member, be alert to the possibility of fraudulent solicitations.  If your loved one becomes a victim of fraud, do not hesitate to seek legal advice.  There are attorneys who specialize in such cases.  They are familiar with the schemes and know how to get results.

Especially during the holiday season, the predators are looking for innocent elders to defraud and steal from.  We can help our elders by being aware and vigilant on their behalf.

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